Our most favorite recreational activity is scuba diving. We got certified in about 2000 and have since received our Advanced PADI certification and Rescue Diver certification (includes O2 provider and Emergency First Response). Most recently we got our Dive Master certification in Hong Kong and now can assist with training and can even plan and lead dive trips.

We have visited the Bahamas, Caribbean, British Virgin Islands, Belize, Hawaii, Africa (Pemba Island) and Puerto Rico, Cabo San Lucas, Thailand and many more. We are looking forward to many more dive vacations.
In fact, starting in March 2007 we plan to take a year off to travel and dive.

Scuba News and Info

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Our Adventures

Here are some pictures from our various scuba adventures.

Us BelizeNekton BoatHere Shelly and I are in Belize along with our dive boat the Nekton. It looks funny and is not the most luxurious boat, but it is GREAT for diving. I don't have any fish pictures because I didn't have a digital camera for diving yet.

Lion Fish
White Spotted Eal
Pillow Star

Here Shelly is on her 50th dive!!! Both our 50th dives happened while we were in Africa. Some of the things we saw, starting at the top going clockwise: Lion Fish, White Spotted Eel, Pillow Star, Shelly, Bearded Scorpion Fish, Anenamie and Rock Fish

Shelly 50 Dives
Rock Fish
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